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Why You Should Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Book Review of Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People

Understanding Your Credit Score

Credit Scores help define your reliability in the loans process. Whether you're looking for a loan to kick-start your business, or refinance your mortgage, understanding your credit score is imperative!

Bridges to Wealth is Continuing to Empower Philadelphia Youth Despite Limitations Created by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bridges to Wealth is Continuing to Empower Philadelphia Youth Despite Limitations Created by the COVID-19 Pandemic


We have been listening. We have been watching. We have been educating ourselves.

Writing Your Way To Success with Melissa Rowe

Gregory Nesmith, Aliah Harris, Kayla Daniels Redden, Siani Ross, and Justin Glover, all recently spoke with Melissa Rowe, M.Ed, about tips that she has for high school students who are writing personal statements, how students can improve their writing, and how to overcome writer's block.

It’s My Senior Year, Now What!? w/ Nichole Renee

We are currently living in a crazy world right now! Everybody has been affected in some way by the current pandemic that is going on. I, along with B2W Bridges To Entrepreneurship Program students and mentors Aliah Harris, Siani Ross, and Justin Glover got a chance to speak with Nichole Renee, M.Ed., author and College Planning Specialist, about how this pandemic is currently affecting Seniors in High School and how they can navigate this challenging time and make sure they stay on track to go to college.

FLCP x Bodine High School

In response to the COVID-19 crisis many educational programs are adapting their curriculum. Bridges to Wealth and the Financial Literacy Community Project have modified their final assignments allowing many student groups to jump into action with business proposals to support communities throughout this pandemic.

TeenConnect: Bridging the Gap Between Teens and Employment

TeenConnect “brings jobs to teens and teens to jobs,” providing teenagers opportunities to internships at corporations, teaching them professional skills and mentoring them in the workplace.

Teens Do Tech

Teens Do Tech will fix any of your gadgets—laptops, computers, smartphones, iPhones.

Planning 2 Perfection: The American Dream

Planning to Perfection: a spotlight from our Entrepreneurship Series.

Paul Robeson High School-PRobe

The PRobe team is a social media management company “for students, run by students.”

Donte Robinson And Rashon Nelson Talk About Project Elevate And Philly

Donte and Rashon are launching a program called Project Elevate, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and the Netter Center’s Bridges To Wealth program, that will help public high school students in Philadelphia learn about entrepreneurship.

Can Two Schools Have One Brand?

Making decisions in business.

Philly Youth Entrepreneurs On Being Youth Entrepreneurs

Looking to gain financial freedom while still in high school and how the adults in your life could support you.