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We have been listening. We have been watching. We have been educating ourselves.


We have been listening.  We have been watching.  We have been educating ourselves.

We do not want to be performative.  In response to the tragedies, inequalities, and raw pain felt all over, we want to support our community.  We are here for you.  We are going to educate ourselves and leave an open door so that, hopefully, you feel we are a place you can turn to for resources and assistance.  B2W will not pretend to be experts on police brutality, criminal justice reform, immigration, LGBTQIA+, healthcare, and voting rights.  At the bottom of this blog is a list of resources that we have selected to further help you educate yourself—if you so choose—or find help and support if you need it.

Bridges to Wealth is a financial literacy and educational non-profit.  As Dr. Keith Weigelt teaches, the wealth gap is a determinant of health.  Those with low income have more stress, less financial knowledge and security, and all of this negatively effects their health.  Just as the wealthy live longer than those with less means, those with lower socio-economic resources struggle for health care access and are more susceptible to viruses (like COVID-19).

Our mission at Bridges to Wealth is financial empowerment and literacy.  We are here to support you if you want help to start your own business.  We are here to listen and guide you to navigate your finances out of this COVID-19 related recession and beyond.  Weekly, we hold online town hall meetings explaining finance and investing.  Soon, our online e-learning curriculum will be available for adults and high schoolers instructing on everything from the best digital learning practices to the basics of finance and debt to complex interest and investing.

As an organization, we are privileged to be housed at a wealthy institution.  It is through that lens that we view our place in the Philadelphia community; we strive to support our community of high school students and adults in the best ways possible.  If you have suggestions or ideas please send them to  Please, tell us how we can do better.  How can we support you?


·      Black Lives Matter

·      NAACP Empowerment Programs

·      Vetted list of donations for frontline youth

·      Campaign Zero: a campaign that calls to end police violence by implementing comprehensive research-based policy solutions

·      Free COVID-19 testing, advocacy, & education for the black community in Philly

·      Know Your Rights Project

·      Innocence Project

·      American Civil Liberties Union

·      Reclaim the Block

·      Black-owned business relief fund for various cities that have been affected by the protests

·      Anti-racism resources for white people (via Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein)

·      IG: Transform Allyship into Action: A Toolkit for Non-Black People (via Social Justice in Medicine Coalition at USC)

·      An Essential Anti-Racist Reading List (Via Vogue)

·      Code Switch by NPR

·      This BLM document is a master list of petitions, bailout funds, ways to educate yourself, and more.

·      A list of Anti-Racism Readings from the Anarchist Library

Photographs provided by Chase Sutton

June 22, 2020