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About Bridges To Wealth

Experts In Business Education Driven By A Social Mission.

Our Mission

It is our goal to leverage education and opportunity to increase wealth in all communities.
Our success to date shows that we can and do deliver on our promises:
we have a proven track record of innovative educational programs and community activism.

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Our Team

Dr. Keith Weigelt

Founder, Bridges to Wealth

Dr. Keith Weigelt is the Marks-Darivoff Family Professor of Strategy at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Weigelt is a game theorist and his teaching focuses on the theory’s relevance to the business world.

He is the recipient of the Wharton School Excellence in Teaching Awards for both his negotiation and strategy classes. Professor Weigelt co-founded  Bridges to Wealth in 2012 and his innovative business curriculum is based on both extensive research as well as personal experience. He began working in his father’s small business at twelve years old; at fifteen he managed all of the company’s investments.

He has been invited to teach his business curriculum in elite private schools throughout the United States, and takes a Robin Hood approach in using income generated by that program to support his work in urban classrooms and communities of faith.

Our Reach

Bridges To Wealth has a proven successful track record of innovative educational programs and community empowerment in Philadelphia.

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Partner With Us

If you want to spread the wealth, contact us to learn more about becoming a Sponsor or Academic Partner.
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