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We're providing education and opportunity through our unique non-profit and Ivy League based program. How? By setting a new industry standard for high school business and entrepreneurship education. We've developed curricula that reflect our belief that business literacy is now a critical life skill needed to succeed in the 21st century.

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Our Courses & Professional Development

Powered by University of Pennsylvania faculty 


Critical thinking.

Courses prepare students to think critically about the business world, increasing their own financial savvy and long-term investing potential. We market our unique business literacy program to high schools and universities by designing them to fulfill Common Core Standards. Our first-of-its-kind financial literacy class is certified as a STEM course in applied algebra. Students develop non-linear thinking and learn life skills including negotiation, self-advocacy, and professionalism.

Professional skills.

We believe professional development should consist of periodic opportunities to interact with peers and the ability to acquire new information to improve teaching quality. The goal of our professional development is to further enhance the student experience by increasing the professional skills of the teachers. Our professional development program is designed to foster active learning, continuously improve content knowledge, and incentivizes teachers to interact with each other and our staff.

An elite network of educators.

The program is anchored by an intense, week-long session taught by University of Pennsylvania faculty.  We also provide ongoing training professional through on-line webinars, Skype observations, and membership in an elite network of educators with access to unique instructional materials.

The curriculum is currently being implemented successfully in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, California, and Connecticut.



Our full business literacy curriculum consists of 6 modules:

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hear from our students


bridges to wealth
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Juston E. Glass, MS, CPA

Director of Business and Entrepreneurial Programs
Business & Education (BE) Department - Harker School in San Jose California

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Accessible curriculum, implemented by trained teachers in high/middle schools

Students learn importance of budgeting, saving, compounding interest, & investing
Highly positive impact on financial decision-making skills/attitudes of students

teachers negotiation skills

Unique training and curriculum integration

Teachers learn, develop, and practice financial literacy, negotiation, and self-advocacy skills by engaging in hands-on, problem-based learning

Curriculum stresses innovative and non-linear thinking, giving teachers tools to be professional leaders in educational and non-profit settings


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Through working with students, families, and teachers, Bridges to Wealth creates school-based financially empowered communities

School hosts regular bi-weekly or monthly meetings, further integrating the school with the community it serves and strengthening parental engagement

parents financial literacy multigenerational

Parents learn importance of budgeting, saving, and investing through school-based Business Literacy Course Series
Social & financial capital gained from membership in ongoing meetings & groups

Parent Ambassadors receive resources, training, and stipends to spread the word and organize ongoing meetings